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#Somalia: Part 1:THE PRESIDENCY OF " FARMAAJO".HOW THINGS AR...: Introduction: It’s almost less than a month before reaching the milestone of the first anniversary of the Election of President Mohamed...


#Somalia: Part 1:THE PRESIDENCY OF " FARMAAJO".HOW THINGHS A...: Introduction: It’s almost less than a month before reaching the milestone of the first anniversary of the Election of President Mohamed...

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#Somalia: Part 1:THE PRESIDENCY OF " FARMAAJO".HOW THINGHS A...: Introduction: It’s almost less than a month before reaching the milestone of the first anniversary of the Election of President Mohamed...


It’s almost less than a month before reaching the milestone of the first anniversary of the Election of President Mohamed Abdullahi "Farmaajo" of 08/ February 2017.I thought it’s time to make some recapping,see how things have changed or are the same, what are the major challenges and hurdles waiting for this administration of President #Farmaajo and of PM #Khayre during 2018. Usually I use my blog to write, and listen to the feeling of the cyber communities, the real Somali people which in Nairobi are mostly traders busy with their daily sales, some refugees who had the fortune to educate their children in town. More to that the usual plethora of Clan based groups who monopolize the cultural/ religious and political mind of Somalis from Somali Republic which are manipulated in their thinking by Somali(social) media. Its a good microcosm of Somali Society. Here I will try to take up different topics and make an inclusive short comment/analysis on some of the most important groups and basic issues.


The Somali Media is really the fourth Estate in Somali Republic and the Somali government passed the Media law which was redrawn different times and passed in Federal Parliament. In other words just like other developed democracies in the West some even African countries the Media is one of most powerful branches of society(State) but in a different ways in Somalia. The Somali media who is mostly made of internet websites -my guess of 85%- and  Somali TVS who are Clan based and lately TVs of Clan Enclaves except the British BBC Somali  and US VOA-Somali and the Somali National Radio and TV, are all those who  make the headlines,some time the narrative, influence, filter and control the information they get  the members of Somali Clan based society. But this information is biased, manufactured in a way that assists, promotes vested group interests who are bent in controlling the Government, economy, Clans and present (future) Constitutional framework of the Somali Republic. Some of this Media also bribed by foreign powers, corrupt Elites Clan Enclaves and Central government, but camouflages, makes the news look like-quoted from the Clan politicians- which they cover as representatives of different sub Clans based groups, political stands and interests. Just like in the America of Trump the Somali citizens or whoever gets this fake news Somali style is manipulated to believe in this news and reinforce his Clan thinking on what he is already believing. There is no need of objectivity and proof of the facts when transmitting news  and they have put role of Media in general to inform and educate the citizens- readers/listeners- out of the window this Ad based websites and biased TVs. The real problem is this young men had not had any Journalistic training and not been thought ethics of profession and they are doing this to earn a living without any Rules and Code of Conduct. There is at least some of them specially those in English which are working to inform but always on the Clan biased stand although they are better.Some times when there is a political crisis looks like a warfare on the internet where the most visceral, ancestral Clan feelings are used. This also happens in the social media which has become one of the most used media. I guess almost 60% of  Somali Media users in the internet also use Facebook, WhatsApp, small English speaking are on Twitter, and  this cyber platforms have become one of the most sites where you can abuse everybody if you write in Somali language or even English and promote fake news. In this morass of feelings and pseudo analyses the reason and the main Role of media to make accountable politicians, business people, religious groups, civil society groups, who are part of political and social  arenas; and all vested interest groups, pseudo political groups which are all Clan based (we have suitcases parties without any Law on parties), National government and Clan enclaves regions, including the Salafist Business Cartels and Salafist Jihadist of #Alshabaab #Dacish, is totally lost.  But its also true that the Media groups and journalist in Somalia are killed in big numbers more than politicians by #Alshabaab every year to put fear( control) on them and society in general. They are also arrested without any charges by so called Clan Enclaves administrations and sometime by National Federal government and its one of the times this young men inform well that one of them is in Jail. I believe media people,institutions are one of the important groups in this day and age of Nation Building, Institution Building. The National Federal state and international community specially UN, international NGOs must assist this young men to have a strong,federal,democratic, professional organization and Media Institute which gives seminars and diplomas in Journalism as capacity building to those already working. Somali society is an oral society and great users of culture and Media, anything connected to it can be used to promote National values/Institution building.The capacity of state to make real Nation Building is made greater by an objective, professional, participatory and national media which is part of civil society and stakeholder.


         From late 80" Somali society has became polarized in a radical way in Clan based thinking ( Siad Barre government and  outside opposition) and from 90" the only (valid) political thinking was based on manipulative Clan sectarianism/ Clan power.The Salafist Movement- which includes #Alshabaab- and the warlords first and later the puppet leaders used Clan as a means to antagonize Somalis between themselves and control as groups of Clans or sub clans and have Clan Enclaves. To make short a long story from the 2012 with the enactment of the provisional/transitional Constitution we have codified the subdivision of Somali Republic in Clan Enclaves model of federal system by name but with a quasi- Clan Confederate system in the actual practice and part of constitution.During the preparation of this dysfunctional Constitution the UN and so called international community,#ETHIOPIA-IGAD,Arab countries all accepted and promoted this wrong project of subdividing Somali Republic in Clan Enclaves. The Election of President Mohamed Abdullahi"Farmaajo" was partially a reaction to subdivision in Clan Enclaves and hegemonic control by #ETHIOPIA and later #UAE on Somali affairs and the wrong (Confederate) Clan Enclaves system ( read my post "Who owns Somalia? Alshabaab or Ethiopia-IGAD" 2012. "OIL and GAS mini CLAN ENCLAVES and ETHIOPIA-IGAD Hegemony" 2012. ).
The National Agenda of new government has angered local and regional vested  interests groups like #ETHIOPIA and #UAE and they started to stand against the new government and make more polarized Somali Clans communities by using Clan Enclaves Leaders and so called Salafist politicians and those puppet politicians allied to ETHIOPIA/UAE to oppose government.But President #Farmaajo/PM Khayre have started a new way of governing and promoting a National Federal state above the Clan sectarianism advocated by so called Clan Enclaves Leaders, launched a National Security architecture which is made of a National Army,Police and intelligence and trying to gave a National finance/tax system and National development plan,National Telecom Act etc . All is just at the  beginning in terms of National security and a National federal state,National economy( we have Clan Enclaves economies owned by Salafist cartels) which represents all Somali people citizens. The most controversial issue is the so called provisional constitution,the institutionalization of Clan Enclaves which has become the" means"to advocate for Clan Enclaves and make Somalis as different "People's" or even citizens of Clan Enclaves which its members share some issues and have different foreign and political Agendas.That was the state of affairs before president #Farmaajo was elected.(see my blog " The new political Map for Somali speaking people's of the Horn").
        The main issue which the #Farmaajo government must concentrate its minds and resources is the Constitution #redrafting of the provisional constitution. The people-citizens have never chosen this dysfunctional and contradictory document and those forces allied to vested group interest of the African region and Arab region are trying to retain this divisive model which will bring the end of Somali UNITY and even National state if not completely changed via new Constitution.Now Somalis are Clan members not citizens of a country called Somalia,its like every Clan has its own  mini-Clan-Nation and government and can run own own affairs even exploitation  of National resources like OIL/GAS and fishing rights,legislating on every issue and program etc.But the Somalis have never chosen this model and nobody has asked them in referendum or any legal means but they are told by Puppet leaders that its the only way their Clan can prosper and have a future and not in a Somali Nation state as a whole.I have seen just a week ago that Jubbaland is trying to draft with assistance from #UNSOM a new Media Law. But already Somali Federal Parliament has passed a Law which its jurisdiction is for all the national federal states which Jubbaland is part.Why UN is doing this illegal tasks? They are part of the Plan to subdivide Somali Republic in Clan Enclaves? If the government will not succeed in convincing the Somali citizens that their interest is best protected in a National Federal government where some powers are devolved to regional states and there is one-Nation state and the subdivision based in Clan sectarianism is bad then things will fall apart. The government must start a huge Media campaign to educate - even telling them they are citizens - and national citizenship  is above Clan member  kingship and is the basis of the Unity of inhabitants of the Somali Republic and its existence.Yes Clan culture and role of clan as civil society stakeholders of society is here to stay but National state which represents the National interests of all Somali sub-Clan communities- people citizens is paramount.Every Clan whatever its size and economic power must participate and be part and get the fruits of the National state institution and resources without any social, legal constraints. All Somali citizens and inhabitants of the Somali Republic of whatever sub Clan must be equal in front of the Law from all regions of Somali Republic.The distinctions of from Clan( reer) Puntland,Clan(reer) Benadir, Clan(reer)Galmudug,Clan(reer) Junbbaland etc being given to sub-clans which is a model of sectarianism must be substituted by a regional constituency where Somali  citizens-inhabitants who are born and came to live in the region state have rights and the Land is owned by the State except the "Goof" rights of the Constitution of 1961.The "Goof" rights gives everybody who live on the land be pastoralist or farmer the rights to own a small piece of the Land for his personal use.The other land must be used for under the Law and protected by the state.The  #Farmaajo government must put a lot of energy and resources in the institutionalization of the Rule of the Law in Judiciary,good governance which promotes social welfare and the Somali  Federal state in the new constitution  must be in charge of Education,health,Housing for the poor,National resources like Oil and Gas,minerals exploitation,fishing rights,National Economy- taxation with devolved tax system for regions,Security in all sectors,citizenship etc.I believe the government must convince the Somali people citizens,Elites,Clan elders that they are best protected under one Nation federal state with devolved powers for regional and local institutions and not the Cantonal/Confederate system called Clan Enclaves states planned by ETHIOPIA.

Part- 2     Trans-formative Leadership and National Culture/Values in one- NATION STATE.



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#Somalia: THE RENDITION OF" ONLF" LEADER "QALBI DHAGAX": IS ...: INTRODUCTION:           This issue is very complex by the historical point of view and emotional for Somalis.Its the story of an



          This issue is very complex by the historical point of view and emotional for Somalis.Its the story of an "ONLF" Leader- an organization who militarily fights against ETHIOPIA for the rights-supposedly- of the Somali region of Federal Republic of ETHIOPIA but outlawed in ETHIOPIA.The person Abdikarim  nicknamed "Qalbi Dhagax" had an Ethiopian passport and lived as they say in Mogadishu, which means Somali and Ethiopian intelligence knew about him. The Somali Government without due process and not having an extradition treaty with ETHIOPIA sent him back to Addis Ababa.Why they have done it? Did they have any justification under the law of Somalia or any other agreement? Why this issue is so emotional to Somalis? Why Social media-websites/news outlets have used it to attack the government in an unprecedented way?Why so-called opposition to the government- made mostly of MP's of "Damu Jadid" a pro-Salafist group and those allied with ETHIOPIA who are members of Somali Parliament and Senate- used it to bring motions in parliament to censure it and  maybe try to change government? I will try to explain the reasons from the historical and political views, some legal points and see the different sides of the story.While I am writing this post already there have been a heated discussion at Somali federal parliament on 13/09/17 and been agreed that there will be a committee that will make recommendations for the parliamentarians.In the Upper house the debate have been remanded for the future after a vote.

The facts of the case of Abdikarim "Qalbi dhagax" as we know.

         On 27 August appeared in media, mostly Somali websites that a member/leader of the ONLF has been arrested in Galmudug Clan Enclave/region and was in the town of Cadaado. Later days it was reported that he was transferred to Mogadishu taken by Somali NISA(Intellgence/counter-terrorism) agency and flown to Mogadishu with a plane.At end of August early September the websites still reported that he was transferred to Baidowa- South West Clan Enclave/region- where there is an Ethiopian contingent part of Amisom-AU mandated force for Somalia with UN security resolution-- and flown to Ethiopia by an Ethiopian plane.All without a word from Somali Government except they will give explanation to a later date. On 06/09/2017 the Somali government issued a press release after a meeting of the Council of Ministers and said for the first time that they have sent Mr. Abdikarim "Qalbi Dhagax" to Ethiopia based on two agreements signed by the Somali federal government ministers during the presidency of Mr. Hassan Sheik Mohamud. It was agreed on  those agreements which have never been seen by Somali parliament and not known to Somali people-citizens that" the ONLF organization and Alshabaab were  against the Security of both governments(States) and they will work together against them".

        The arguments against the rendition .
This new government in Somalia has met the first hurdle in terms of media publicity and organized opposition by some MP's of the Damu Jadid -pro-Salafist- and members close to the Tigre regime of ETHIOPIA( this two groups were the ones supporting the failed  re-election of former president Hassan Sheik last February). It almost like an upheaval against the government by this groups and the media.The Somali government unfortunately don't have  a coherent communication strategy which includes- outlining to people-Citizens and Media in a clear cut way the basic goals and principles of the government. They totally failed in the media strategy although it recovered later when they sent out their political heavy weights on the airwaves and Somali TVs to explain in clever sound bites,breaking down issues,stating the government position and the reasons behind this rendition "based on the national security aspect and the dysfunctional/failed state condition of the Republic".
Those against the rendition say the following argument:
1-According to the constitution of 1961 any Somali from other parts of the region/states of the Horn is a Somali citizen when he came/settles to Somali Republic.This concept in the constitution is based on the greater Somalia advocated by the SYL political /liberation party of the 40" 50" 60". The Siad Barre regime took it further and went to war in 1977 like the governments of the 60". 
2-Its against the constitutions of 2012/13 which states that any Somali citizen cannot be extradited without due process and court ruling.For them Abdikarim "Qalbi Dhagax" is a Somali citizen. Most importantly that Somali Republic do not have any extradition agreement with Ethiopia and goes against International Law like the convention  against Torture.
3-That Mr. Abdikarim was a Muslim person and that goes against the principles of Islam to extradite him to ETHIOPIA.This argument was claimed by the pro-Salafist "Damu Jadid" bedfellows of the elites allied to ETHIOPIA.All this are fair arguments till we analyze them in detail.

The argument for the rendition.
1- The actual  constitution refers to to the constitutions of 1961 on matters of human rights,State structures,sovereignty,Habeas corpus,Rule of law /legal system  not on matter of citizenship and the issue of the National Security.But they are right when they say there is not any extradition treaty and is against the basic laws on Human Rights.
2- Its agenda of Jihadist to use Islam for manipulation and even Jihadist #Alshabaab/Salafist Business Cartels use slogans/Jihadist interpretation of Islam and have the agenda to subdivide Somalis in Clan Enclaves first and later will be the dominant Somali Ethnic group of a "Caliphate" for "all Muslims of the Horn of Africa" Therefore is wrong to bring in the issue of our  religion Islam.Muslims live in different states in the Horn.( read my post "The New Political Map of the Somali speaking people of the Horn of Africa of June 2014")
3-Its an issue of State Nationality and not Somali ethnicity as the old constitution was based by not differentiating the state Nationality of a Somali person.
4- This person was of Ethiopian State/nationality and representing the interests of an Ethiopian-Somali organization not a Somali Republic organization.
5- Any agreement made by representatives of the Somali Republic -like the executive- if not illegal and illegitimate is binding to the Somali State. In this case ministers who have the authority to represent Somali government signed the agreements.Its legal and binding even (if its secret) and not brought to parliament. But Somali government must by Law bring all agreements and convention for the approval of parliament.
5- The issue of National Security was the main argument of those defending the actions of the Somali State.Somali Republic"has the rights to promote its policies promoting its national interests,security,welfare of its citizens".

Part 2:( to be continued).




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#Somalia: #UAE/ ETHIOPIA PLANS,#QATAR Boycott and the #Somal...

#Somalia: #UAE/ ETHIOPIA PLANS,#QATAR Boycott and the #Somal...: Introduction             This post/article is about why Somali Republic has refused to get involved in the Boycott of Qatar started on...

#UAE/ ETHIOPIA PLANS,#QATAR Boycott and the #Somali Republic #Unity,#Sovereignty

            This post/article is about why Somali Republic has refused to get involved in the Boycott of Qatar started on 05/ June and be neutral and the rationale/motivation  about that refusal.Its based on circumstantial evidence collected from people and the information on websites/news outlets.Other facts are historical and some based on the writings of my Blog."wardigley.blogspot.com" of the last seven years.

                   The last weeks was one of the most hottest time in political terms in the Somali independent political history- the Boycott of QATAR by some Arabs states- which came from in this case by Somali Republic membership of the Arab League which we joined in1974 as a strategic regional  alliance to protect Somalia from ETHIOPIA in our political plans for the Pan- Nationalism for a  greater Somali Republic.Somalia joined the Arab League legally by being part of the Arab communities by Culture and Religion not blood or ethnicity. I believe the Egypt of Jamal Abdinasser was one of the Somali sponsor and both governments were in the socialist camp,the other was the Saudi Kingdom which  was close to our Foreign Minister of that time who was friend to the Saudi rulers. There was two crisis of this magnitude before and first was the war of 1977 between Somalia and Ethiopia when the Arab League members  some sided with Ethiopia- Libya,Yemen,Algeria together with Cubans,East Germans and Russia armed forces against Somalia- and some with Somalia like Saudi Arabia,Iraq which  partially funded the Somali war efforts. The other time was after the signing of the Camp David agreement between Egypt and Israel. Somalia sided with Egypt in that Arab League boycott of Egypt and got rewarded with investments and political /strategic alliance.Now thanks to the Crisis in the Gulf countries specially the so-called blockade of airspace from Qatar and closing of Borders between Qatar and other Gulf countries, the Arab countries find themselves in different political Blocs different from those days.The cut of diplomatic ties between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain.Egypt on one side and Qatar.It has been called also a Blockade of  air,sea and land in the media.The reason behind all this was political with the explicit request to Qatar to cut ties with some terrorist groups and close Aljazeera Arabic or change its editorial scope and other media outlets owned by Qatar business which have changed the Media landscape in the Arab world including Somali Republic in last 15 years.We all know this Media groups specially the Aljazeera Arabic and the English one have contributed a lot in changing how Arabs and Muslims perceive themselves and championed the cause of the Arab spring which is still reverberates in the middle east. But what is in all this crisis for Somali Republic? Why they have  tried to involve Somalia in it ? What was the position of the Somali Republic in this Political crisis between Arab brothers and Muslims in a wider contest and specially in the GULF? In this crisis Somali Republic choose to be neutral to defend its National Interests,Unity and if needed mediate between the brotherly nations part of the Arab league. First let me make clear this post is not about the wider Gulf crisis between the Arab nation, but how Somalia has exploited it to bring to the fore diplomatically a simmering political crisis between Somalia and the United Arab Emirates who has planned to have a Military Base in the Somaliland region of Somali Republic illegally. And for the last two years has made agreements to rent like 25 or 30 years Somali ports like Berbera -Clan Enclave of Somaliland, Bosaso- Clan Enclave of Puntland and now the last one with South-West Clan  Enclave to get Barawa in south central Somalia where there is not any Port. They made the so called  agreements with Somali regional Clan Enclaves without the approval of Somali Federal parliament- in contravention of Somali Federal transitional constitution- and bribing  illegally the former President and PM and giving kick backs to regional Somali Clan Enclaves Leaders.But first lets see some historical background of this Somali Crisis with the Emirates and how we arrived at it  and what have happened lately.(Please read my post"The UAE meeting with Somali Clan Enclaves,Nov.2016")
        Historical Background of UAE meddling and subdividing the Somali Republic in Clan Enclaves like ETHIOPIA Plans.
        After the election of the new President in February this year, Mr.Mohamed Abdullahi "Farmaajo" his first visit was to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after they invited him.One of the major sticking topics discussed was the port of Berbera where the UAE were planning a Military base without the approval of Somali Federal parliament.He told categorically to the Saudis that Somali territory will not be divided and this project of UAE will assist the plans of ETHIOPIA to have Somalia carved in many Clan Enclaves some even independent.The Saudi promised to assist in this but unfortunately they had a strong alliance with the UAE with will transpire later. The Somali media spoke about the request of the Somali President. The UAE afraid of the Somali public opinion backlash invited the President to Dubai and made a so-called verbal agreement with Somalis.In that meeting with UAE there was not any communique or Agreement between the parties only a so called verbal declaration that UAE recognized Somali independence and Unity.There was disagreement but for diplomatic reasons things were kept quiet. UAE started making a lot of promises and started to assist the famine in Somalia. Within  a short period after the president visit the UAE invited the leader of Puntland Clan Enclaves and made an agreement with Puntland region to rent the port of Bosaso to DP. And after that the so called Minister in Somaliland Clan Enclave said to the media that they have given shares of the port of Berbera to ETHIOPIA government and the Military base construction will be started shortly. In our Somali constitution the foreign affairs and financial affairs and ports are all under the mandate of the Federal state. Legally those agreements are illegal under our constitution.It means the UAE recognizes the regional Clan Enclaves as sovereign entities with whom they can make deals.They are disregarding totally the Unity,territorial integrity of Somali Republic which is in all UN security council resolution,AU and Arab League and have joined ETHIOPIA, Somali Salafist Business Cartels in  the Project to subdivide Somali Republic in Clan Enclaves.( Please read the post" Who are the Business people of Somalia.Dec,2013" and "Short rebuttal to Matt Bryden interview on the Daily Nation.June 2013" ). I use the word Clan Enclaves because the legitimacy of this administrations don't came from the people-citizens rights as constituency but is based on Clans Blood lineage and sub-clans land rights who inhabit the territory.If another Somali from other Clans different from those who rule the Enclaves goes to live or work there has not any citizenship rights.We can see from the Somali communities of Bay and Bakol region who did not vote in Puntland elections and are called foreign communities in Somali "Jaaliyad". Please read my post called " Clan Enclaves Sectarianism: the New political System for Somali Federal Republic" of October 2014". Also the post called the " The Pseudo-self determination rights of Clans(Peoples) Enclaves engineered by ETHIOPIA-IGAD. July 2014". The Saudis sent an emissary to Somalia after the blockade was declared and President "Farmaajo" told them he was neutral and emphasized the infringement of Somali sovereignty by an Arab Nation UAE and their support for the secession of a Somali Clan Enclave from Somali Republic, that of Somaliland region.
        The New Somali Nationalism based on defending Somali Unity,Sovereignty  and the Election of President "Farmaajo".
         After the military,political  debacle of the war of the 1977 and the consequent disunity and collapse of the bankrupt Siad Barre   regime and the advent of the Clan sectarianism led by World lords and elite puppet leaders.sponsored by Ethiopia and the spread of the Salafist Jihadist financed by Gulf States, Somalis came to believe as the only way to survive is with the Unity,sovereignty,preservation of our Ethnicity,language of the Somali Republic in a democratic federal state.That  is what we call the "New Somali Nationalism". At the transformation of the OAU to AU a Somali  Leader of that time President Abdi Qasim signed the New Charter and we accepted the Colonial borders which we declined to adhere in 1963 when we joined the OAU. W have done this also to fight back the sub-colonization and subdivision of Somali Republic in Clan Enclaves under the Hegemony of Ethiopia and the Somali Salafist movement who is linked to the Arab states. 
         The election of President "Farmaajo" came by the Unity of all Somali political forces and mainly the New Nationalism embodied by new wave of Somali Elite politicians led by Mr. ?Formaajo" which is made of all Somali Clan Communities.We don't believe any more in the old Pan Somali nationalism which is  not in the National Interest of Somali Republic and to fight for a Pan Somali Nationalism of the 50" 60' and 70'/. President "Farmajo" must go public internationally and explain to the Somali people citizens how an Arab country the UAE and Ethiopia are trying to sub colonize Somalia . Even he must go to UN security council,Arab league ,AU to request their intervention.